Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dipping My Toe into the Water...

Well, I've gone and done it now, haven't I? For some time, I've "threatened" - and perhaps I should have left those quotation marks right the hell off of there - to do this, to write a blog. I guess I should be up-front and honest right from the beginning; I have no compunction about saying that, like every other blogger out there, I'd like to write a book. No, I think I might NEED to write a book. Catharsis, and all of that blahblahblah. Here's the thing: I actually wrote a sort of truncated version of a first chapter...and, I mentioned, to a co-worker, something about writing a memoir. Now, this is a very nice person, and someone with whom I've become quite good friends. Also, she knows a good deal of detail about the past, somewhat sordid (!!! I am being uncharacteristically understated here !!!) last several years of my life. But, she gave me a rather indulgent look, the kind of look that you might give, say, a 3-year-old who says that she's going to be an astronaut. At any rate, I e-mailed to her what I had written, and...several hours later, she came into my office, grabbed my arm, and began talking...about what, I wasn't initially sure, because she was sort of stammering. She finally used the word - get this - "gripping"...and, finally, I got it. She said that she would love to read more. So, based upon that and also upon the truly biased opinions of a selected few others in my life, well...I guess, if nothing else, it will be the cathartic experience of which I've been assured.

Now that that's out of the way, I guess I should make a "formal" introduction (hah! to this moment, I'm NOT giving my real name...and the names of others will be changed, you know - to protect the innocent and all of that). So, this ought to blow at least part of my cover (riiiiiiight):
My name (for the present, anyhow) is Eponymous.
I am a mother.
I am a sister.
I am a friend.
I am a student.
I am an employee.
I am an ex-wife.
I am a drug addict.
I am a convicted felon.

Now, to decide the direction that this blog will take, and to inflict my hapless mental meanderings on some other poor, unsuspecting (at the moment, at least) bloggers out know, to get "my word" out there to the several billion other wanna-bes who beat me to blogging oh, several years or so ago.


giggles said...

Lemme Caution sent me. To wish you good luck and all. I've been blogging, oh, just about a year now. I still don't know what direction it will go. But I hope ya have fun with it and make lots of new bloggy friends (and hopefully no enemies!) There's always room for more in the virtual world!!!!!! WELCOME!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Came to you by way of Lemmy also. Its kinda cool to be there at the start of the process. You just started and you already have followers and comments. I slaved in the salt mines for months before someone showed me a ray of sunshine. I know not if we will share anything in common but you first post shows promise. I got the feeling you have lots to say. SAY IT

My best advice to you is as follows:

1. 'write about what you know and have an interest in' Don't worry what other people think (though that is hard sometimes). Its the quickest way to find your voice. Don't let others dictate what you write about. You are NEVER wrong because you have an opinion on a certain topic. Stick to your guns even in the face of critisism.

2. Comment on other sites and interest will be returned to you. It's will also give you inspiration when you find like minded people who 'GET' your various obsessions - I hate octopus and that topic comes up alot with my blog. Collect other blogs and add them to your blog roll. Champion those sites that you enjoy and tell that person that their blog is good. That is the best way to find other blogging friends and validation for what you create.

I will think of more later but for now - good luck. Welcome to the Jungle!

3. Be honest about your comments and don't be afraid to rant. Everyone likes to hear a good rant.

4 Don't be afraid to let

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I didn't finish that last sentence

Don't be afraid to let the dogs out...or in for that matter.


a rose is a rose said...

i too came by way of lemmy. not to worry though, i CAN be nice

at any rate, just go for it is my advice.

that's what i do

Booksteve said...

Good ol' Lemmy again! The internet gets a bad rap for being impersonal but for a lot of us who hae trouble being open with people, we're able to do so quite well this way. Go for it! Run free and let us follow along with you!

Kirk Jusko said...

Just reading that was a cathartic exprience!

Welcome to blogging.

Lorna said...

By way of Lemmy, whom I found by way of the Peach Tart. I want to read more of your 'gripping' tales to tell. Oh, and to add, just have fun with your blog. Seriously....:)